Strength. Starts. Here.

Strength. Starts. Here.

My strong is made by respect and hard work.

It comes from stretching my potential and being in The Zone.

My strong thrives on endorphins and adrenaline and performing at my peak.

My strong is not defined by numbers, only by accomplishments.

Strong feels good.

Strong can triumph.

This is a STRONG BODY.

About Strong Body

We are Windsor's elite new boutique yoga and fitness studio.

We are a community of individuals striving to be our strongest and fittest selves.
And we believe that strength isn't any one single thing.
It's not a number on a scale or a scoreboard. It's not about being a yogi, or a runner, or a hockey player. It's not having six-pack abs or a world record.

We believe strength is about movement. And the only thing that keeps you moving in life is doing what makes you feel fantastic. Anything less is unsustainable.

With a suite of custom designed yoga and fitness classes crafted by our experienced professionals you will be motivated, challenged, and stretched to your full potential.
Fuelled by endorphins and adrenaline, you will peak your performance, and have a good time doing it.

Studio Owner - Samantha Menzies

Studio Owner - Samantha Menzies

Samantha Menzies is a feisty young firecracker known for challenging yogis right to the edge of their ability, and pushing them to learn something new about their bodies and themselves.

Her core training was done in the vinyasa (ie. yoga flow) tradition with world renowned yogi Jonny Kest and she has since done hundreds of hours of additional training with a variety of teachers both locally and internationally to hone her own personal style.

Samantha's teaching style is empowering. It centres on building strength and mobility, with an equal emphasis on physiology and fun.

She specializes in teaching Power Flow Yoga, Prenatal Yoga, and Yoga for Athletes and Sports Teams.

In her personal life, Samantha enjoys arduous hikes in the forest, lifting heavy things, eating cookies, and belting out karaoke tunes.